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Terrie J Cummings
Broker, GRI, ABR, ASR, CMRS, Realtor, 2015 President Elect Cobb Association of Realtors

As a Realtor, with 19 years of experience, I am here to help you find your dream home or sell your house. Being an expert in the local area, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise about buying and selling real estate in the Cobb and Cherokee market. I am an Associate Broker, GRI, ABR, and ASR designated Realtor, what do the designations mean to you? It means that you are going to be working with a team that is ethical, full time Realtors, and not just a real estate agent but a Realtor that has taken additional education to ensure that their clients are handled with the utmost respect and understanding in the house selling and home buying process.

Of course I have a passion as well, I share my passion with my partner, Justin, regarding his mission to give to others. I believe that we need to help Veterans by donating a portion of our commission to various Veteran foundations. We are committed to raising awareness and support for Veterans and their families struggling with PTSD. No matter what your political beliefs are we all value life and 22 Veteran’s a day commit suicide….I want to do my part and hopefully help another life to live!

Associate Broker
Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage
September 2013 – Present (2 years 2 months) Woodstock
Realtor, GRI, ABR, ASR

Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage
October 1997 – Present (18 years 1 month) Greater Atlanta Area
I sell real estate!

Associate Broker, Realtor, GRI, ABR, ASR, CMRS
Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage

  • October 1997 – Present Greater Atlanta Area
  • President Elect for The Cobb Association of Realtors for 2015
  • Incoming President for The Cobb Association of Realtors for 2016
  • Licensed Realtor for 19 years, a Broker for 10 years
  • Serve as a Director for the Georgia Association of Realtors
  • Serve as a Director for the Cobb Board
  • Served as secretary for WCR
  • Served as RPAC Chair for NAR and CARR
  • GRI
  • ABR
  • ASR
  • Certified Military Residential Specialist
  • Certified Brian Buffini Mentor
  • BOLD Graduate
  • BOLD Leadership Graduate
  • MAPS Coaching Skills Camp Graduate
  • Associate Broker, Realtor, GRI, ABR, ASR

Justin P Jarrell
Realtor, CMRS, U.S. Patriot, Veteran

As a Veteran with 12 years of honorable service and 46 months of combat between Iraq and Afghanistan, I decided it was time to be a dad to my newborn son and to give back. Give back to what, you ask?

I have started a team called Follow Me Realty Associates and part of our mission is to help Veterans with PTSD. I have decided that a portion of my own commission will go to various Veteran foundations that are helping Veterans with PTSD. I believe that by giving a significant amount of my commission to non-profit organizations will allow them to continue the research and understand PTSD better in hopes to find ways to prevent suicides and to find better treatments.

While I was on active duty I struggled to find the help I needed and it wasn’t until I chose not to reenlist and came home to Atlanta that I found the help I needed through the VA. They have helped out tremendously but unfortunately there isn’t the awareness and resources available that needs to be out there. I want to change that by raising awareness and getting people the help they need.

PTSD is very real and is causing our Veterans to have extreme difficulty in everyday life including marriage, parenting, social, and work skills. Since 2001 more Veterans have committed suicide than have died in combat. It is an epidemic that most Americans are unaware of. Bringing awareness is the answer to our Veterans survival. The PTSD epidemic has caused more than 8000 Veteran suicides and 379 active personnel in 2012.

I’m asking for your help with my cause by sending referrals, spreading the word, or making an introduction to someone in the Metro Atlanta area that is looking to sell or buy. Call, text or email me today! I will be very grateful and the Veterans in need will get the help required.

Please spread the word that you actually know a Realtor with a cause! Let’s help our Veterans that have bravely served our country and help to keep our freedom in this great country. Help me to bring PTSD awareness to the public by calling me TODAY!

Justin was recently featured in an AJC article for his work to raise PTSD awareness.

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Follow Me Realty Associates, LLC currently holds several different designations, brings a wealth of knowledge to the industry and a Veteran Owned Company.

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